Ameba Arduino: Trouble-shooting

No mbed Microcontrollers were found when installing driver.

If the error message "The driver could not be installed. No mbed Microcontrollers were found." pops up when installing ARM MBED CMSIS DAP driver, first please make sure your Ameba board is connected to your computer via Micro USB. If it's already connected, please use another Micro USB and try again (sometimes the maximum acceptable electric current of the Micro USB is too low, which causes the Ameba could not be recognized by the computer).


Failed to download the hardware configuration file in Boards Manager with "Error downloading" message

This means the Arduino IDE could not find related files on the Internet, please check you network connection.


When the download completes, error message "CRC doesn’t match. File is corrupted." occurs.

This means the files downloaded by Arduino IDE are not correct, it may be caused by mistakes during the download process, or the parity check of the downloaded files is not correct. The possible reason of this error may be the old configuration files in the computer cause mistakes in the updating process.
There are some temporary files of Arduino IDE are saved in “C:Users%USERNAME%AppDataLocalArduino15”,
please download this batch file to delete those temporary files: remove_rtk_in_arduinoide.bat
or you can maually remove these files and directory:

packagesrealtek (whole folder)


Cannot find Ameba on mbed driver.

When you upload the compiled code to Ameba, if error message “ERR: Cannot find ameba on mbed driver! Please re-plug Ameba” appears, this means Ameba is not connected to your computer or is not recognized by you computer. Please try to replug Ameba to your computer.


The Serial Monitor did not print any message.

First try to press the reset button on Ameba. If it was of no avail, try to reopen the Serial Monitor, and press the reset button again.


Why does the text displayed in serial monitor is garbled?

Start from version 1.6.7, Arduino IDE no longer support detecting UART baud rate automatically. The baud rate of Ameba is 38400, please manually set the baud rate at the bottom right of the serial monitor window.


Error "core.a: No such file or directory" occurs when compiling

If you are using Arduino IDE version 1.6.5, there is an compatible issue that causes this problem:

This issue has been solved in version 1.6.6.