Standard SDK: FAQ

Where to buy an Ameba RTL8195 Board?



How to install IAR IDE?

You can download the trial version on IAR website.


What is the main difference among Ameba IC series?

The following table shows the comparison:
Ameba ICs


To solve the J-link not working problem

If you face the problem that J-link is not working, you can enter CRP DISABLED Mode to activate J-link. Refer to the steps below to enter CRP DISABLED Mode:
1. Keep pressing the button beside CON2 as follows
2. Press the button beside CON1
3. Release the botton that is hold on step 1
Show up a device with the name “CRP DISABLED” now
You can find a file “firmware.bin” when you open it. And it is the DAP firmware that Ameba uses.