NFC - Turn Ameba into a business card

If you are not familiar with NFC, please read Introduction to NFC first.


  • Ameba x 1
  • Smartphone with NFC feature x 1


NDEF provides V-Card format, which is a common business card and contact information format. When the android phone senses a NFC Tag with V-Card information, it pops up a window to ask if you would like to add the V-Card to your contacts.

First open the example, “File” -> “Examples” -> “AmebaNFC” -> “VCardContact”

Compile and upload to Ameba, then press the reset button.
Bring the back of the smartphone close to the NFC antenna of Ameba.
Then you can see the alert window pops up. If you click “yes”, the V-Card is added to your contact.

NOTE: According to our test, not every smart phone supports V-Card format.

Code Reference

The V-Card format actually wraps text information, refer to:

In the sample code, we use appendVcard() to put the text into V-Card.

NfcTag.appendVcard(vcard_buf, vcard_len);

Then call NFC.begin() to start the NFC module.

Please confirm that QQ communication software is installed