Ameba MicroPython: [RTL8722CSM] [RTL8722DM] RTC

class RTC – Real Time Clock
RTC get time:
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RTC module help microcontroller to keep track of time and is essential to our time module. Here we an example to demonstrate how to get local time and update the time.
Copy and paste the following code line by line into REPL to see its effect.
rtc = RTC()
rtc.datetime() # get date and time 
rtc.datetime((2020, 12, 31, 4, 23, 58, 59, 0)) # set a specific date and time (year, month, day, weekday(0 for Monday), hour, minute, second, total seconds)
rtc.datetime() # check the updated date and time
API Documents
Create a RTC object.
RTC.datetime(array_8 [optional])
This method works in 2 ways
• Return the local date and time if NOT passing any argument into it. The returned format is as follows, (year, month, date, hour, minute, second, weekday[0-6 for Mon to Sun], yearday[1-366]).
• Update the local date and time if passing an eight-elements array into it, the array format is same as above.
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