UART - Send and Receive


  • AmebaD [ AMB23 / AMB21 / AMB22 / BW16 / BW16-TypeC ] x 1
  • USB to TTL Adapter x 1


UART is a very versatile communication protocol and almost an essential part of a microcontroller. A TTL USB to Serial module is an IC that helps to translate UART signal to USB signal so that we can see uart log printed on our PC. This module is often found on many development boards, including ameba. However, the module on Ameba is reserved for LOG UART and Firmware uploading, that is why we need a separate module to communicate between ameba and PC.


Copy and execute each line one by one to see its effect.

from machine import UART
uart = UART(tx="PB_1", rx= "PB_2")
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