Ameba MicroPython: [RTL8722CSM] [RTL8722DM] WiFi

class WLAN – Wireless Local Area Network
WiFi Scan:
• Materials: Ameba x 1
• Steps: WiFi Scan function can help us quickly discover what WiFi networks are available in our surrounding. This example does not require any additional hardware, thus simply copy, and paste the following code into REPL to see its effect.
from wireless import WLAN
wifi = WLAN(mode = WLAN.STA)
WiFi Connect:
• Materials: Ameba x 1
• Steps: Ameba can connect to WiFi access point with open security or WPA2 security type, which is the most common security type used in household wireless routers. Here we are going to connect to a WiFi access point using code below, copy and paste the following code line by line into REPL to see their effects.
from wireless import WLAN
wifi = WLAN(mode = WLAN.STA)
wifi.connect(ssid = "YourWiFiName", pswd = "YourWiFiPassword")
API Documents
WLAN(mode [required])
Create a WLAN object and configure it to the given mode. This then allows you to control WiFi and check its status.
• mode: use WLAN.STA for station mode
This method scan and list out all available WiFi network in the surroundings.
WLAN.connect(ssid [required], pswd [optional], security [optional])
This method attempts to establish a connection to a WiFi access point.
• ssid: The name of your WiFi network
• pswd: The password of your WiFi network
• security: The security type of your WiFi network
Leaving optional parameters blank will assume taking default values which are
Parameter Default value
Note: Connecting to an OPEN network is also supported, just omit ‘pswd’ parameter and type in “security = WLAN.OPEN” followed by ssid.

This method returns the IP address of the current WLAN interface. Only works after successful connection to an AP.

This method disconnect ameba from current WiFi AP, but still keep WiFi module on.

This method turns on the WiFi device.
This method shut down WiFi device and suspend all connections.

This method returns the WiFi status. True when WiFi is on, and False when off.

This method returns the connection status. True if ameba is connected to an AP, False if ameba is not connected to anything.
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