File System - Read and display HTML file from SD card



Using a card reader, connect the SD card to a computer and copy the HTML file into the SD card. Take note to place the file in the root directory and not in any folder. The HTML sample file can be downloaded at (


Then insert the MicroSD card into the SD card slot of the AMB82 MINI board.

Open the example, “File” -> “Example” -> “AmebaFileSystem” -> “ReadHTMLFile”

In the sample code, modify “ssid” to the WiFi SSID to be connected to and “pass” to the network password.


Upload the code and press the reset button on the board once the upload is finished.
Wait for the board to connect to WiFi. When the connection is established, the message “To see this page in action, open a browser to” will be printed in the serial monitor.


Next, on a device connected to the same network, use a web browser to open the address provided in the serial monitor. The following web page will be displayed.


Please confirm that QQ communication software is installed