HTTP - HTTP Post Image and MP4


  • AmebaPro2 [ AMB82 MINI ] x 1
  • PushButton x 1
  • 220 ohm resistor x 1


In this example, we are doing a Post request with image and recorded audio file together to LLM Server. This example does not contain integration to the LLM server but integration to the HTTP server.

Then open “File” -> “Examples” -> “AmebaHttp” -> “Capture_Image_HTTP_Post_Image_Llava_Server”


Connect the pushbutton and resistor to AMB82 Mini as shown below.


Compile and run the example.
Set up the HTTP server by locating the python script called Go to command prompt and go to the src folder. Execute this command python3
Please note that this server can only be run on Linux OS. Mac OS and Windows have not been supported yet.
Press button for 2s when you wish to take a snapshot and speak into the mic for the prompt to ask the Visual Language Model (VLM).
If the HTTP Post image and audio file is successful, the image and audio file will be saved at the location where this script is being run at.

Please confirm that QQ communication software is installed