SCRFD is an efficient high accuracy face detection approach which is initialy described in Arxiv.
It provides an easy-to-use pipeline to train high efficiency face detectors with NAS supporting.
You can visit [InsignFace]( to get more information.
For amebaPro2 edge computing, I suggest makers use [SCRFD_500M_KPS](!AswpsDO2toNKri_NDM0GIkPpkE2f?e=JkebJo).

Set Environment for SCRFD

The default format of SCRFD is pytorch, so it has to be converted to ONNX format:

cd ~/insightface/detection/scrfd
python tools/ configs/scrfd/ --shape 640 640

You can fine tools/ in [InsignFace](

If Makers encounter Python package dependency issues, they can try creating isolated Python environments with virtualenv and referring to our requirements_scrfd.txt to install Python packages.

pip install -r requirements_scrfd.txt

In order to show you how to translate and export SCRFD quickly, we can download the pretrained weights from Internet:
Please download `scrfd_500m_bnkps_shape640x640.onnx` or `scrfd_500m_bnkps_shape320x320.onnx ` for amebaPro2 edge computing.


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