Frequently Asked Questions

Both boards support BLE 5.0. Classic Bluetooth (BR/EDR) is not supported.
RTL8722CSM/RTL8722DM can operate as either a BLE Central or BLE Peripheral device.
No, those marked “NC” are not connected to any pin and thus unusable.
No. Only RTL8722DM supports dual band 2.4G + 5G WiFi. RTL8722CSM only supports single band 2.4G WiFi.
Press and hold the UART DOWNLOAD button. Then Press the RESET button and release both UART DOWNLOAD and RESET buttons.


Please make sure the antenna is connected properly. Check your code for the correct Bluetooth configurations.
Try to debug your program using printf and Serial.print statements. If the issue persists, you can ask for help at Forums
RTL8722CSM/RTL8722DM is by default configured at 115200 baud rate, please check if your serial terminal is configured to 115200.
Please follow the procedure for the correct downloading.
1. Enter the download mode. The on board Green LED will blink when entered download mode.
2. When downloading the image into board the on board Red LED will blink
3. When success downloaded, Arduino IDE will show notification.
The default antenna for RTL8722CSM/RTL8722DM uses the I-Pex Connector. Please change/connect the I-Pex Connector antenna.
Please make sure the connector J38 beside resistor R43 is connected. The connector is used to link the power to IC.
Please confirm that QQ communication software is installed