Function Description

  • I/O pin multiplexer

Take for an example, the following table is Pin Function Table for 8195A.


Note 1: Function Pin is enabled via entire group, the un-used pin cannot be disabled separately. Ex: if using debugger in SWD mode, the pin: JTAG_TRST, JTAG_TDI and JTAG_TDO cannot be used as GPIO at the same time.
Note 2: Only SPI0 CS0/CS1 can be separately configured as GPIO even if SPI0 is used at same time. Therefore, user can employ SPI0 in PC_0 ~ PC_4( or PE_0 ~ PE_4), while configuring PC_4(PE_4) and PC_5(PE_5) as GPIO function.

Interrupt configuration

The type of interrupt is programmable with one of the following settings:

  • Active-high and level
  • Active-low and level
  • Rising edge
  • Falling edge

Please check example gpio_level_irq to check how to set interrupt type.

/* High Level Trigger */
gpio_irq_set(&gpiol, IRQ_HIGH, 1);

/* Low Level Trigger */
gpio_irq_set(&gpiol, IRQ_LOW, 1);

Please check example gpio_irq to check how to set interrupt type.

/* Rising Edge Trigger */
gpio_irq_set(&gpio, IRQ_RISE, 1);   

/* Falling Edge Trigger */
gpio_irq_set(&gpio, IRQ_FALL, 1);   
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