Standard SDK: Getting Started with RTL8710

Setting up the IAR development environment

In the development process, we use the IAR Embedded Workbench IDE environment for code building, downloading and debugging. If you have not installed the IAR Embedded Workbench IDE, please go to the IAR official website to download the trial version.

Build Project & Download to Board

Please refer to the next chapter CMSIS-DAP to connect the board to the computer, and then download the project to the board according to the following steps: Step 1: Open IAR Embedded Workbench IDE Step 2: Click File -> Open -> Workspace 5 Step 3: Go to Project path project\project_name_xxxx\EWARM-RELEASE to choose Project.eww, Open Project Step 4: Open Project and click Project -> Rebuild All to build Project. 6 Step 5: After successful Project Build, please go to Project -> Download -> Download active application to download code to the board. Step 6: After the download is complete, press the reset button on the board.


The following describes how to set up the Debug environment of CMSIS-DAP and J-Link / JTAG, and how to use the IAR IDE to debug. Note:The SDK uses the debug environment as CMSIS-DAP by default.


RTL8710 can support CMSIS-DAP debugger. First of all, you must first install “serial to USB driver” (you can find the installation file in the SDK’s tools \ serial_to_usb \ mbedWinSerial_16466 ). After installation, connect the board to the PC with a micro-USB cable. DAP Then open the device manager, you should be able to find “mbed Serial Port”, as shown in the figure: 2


The board uses CMSIS-DAP mode by default. If you want to use J-Link debugger, please follow the steps below. jlink Please use the cable to connect the J-Link pin on the board to the corresponding pin on the J-Link adapter board, please refer to the following diagram: jlink_connect Next, in the IAR IDE Project -> Options -> Debugger -> Setup -> DriverChange the settings of the IAR Project, change the original CMSIS DAP to J-Link / J-Trace, and press OK to confirm. 13

Log message

If you need to see the log message of the program, please open the terminal tool (for example: putty / tera term) and set the Buadrate to 38400 . 8710_log
Please confirm that QQ communication software is installed