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how do I start access point and station mode to operate simultaneously, I want both the mode to be operational, not starting one mode and then disconnecting and started AP ( access point),as explained in this forum,how do I execute following command in ameba arduino sketch ( I do not want to use another arduino ( as shown in example on internet) to execute AT commands , I want to execute following command from arduino sketch running on ameba


5.12 Start STA+AP The Wi-Fi driver can start station mode and AP mode concurrently. The “ATWB” command can be used to start a Wi-Fi AP with indicated SSID, channel and password and start a station mode together. If password is not given, this command starts AP in open mode. Otherwise, it starts AP with WPA2 security. And the Wi-Fi connection command set (refer to 5.2) is used to connect with an AP. Command sequence: (refer to 3.2.1)

Start AP: #ATW3=SSID

#ATW4=Password (no need for OPEN mode)



Connect to an AP:



#ATW2=Key_id(only needed for WEP mode)



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