I have an Ameba RTL8195 and have followed the "Getting Started" instructions. I installed the latest version of Arduino IDE which is 1.6.12 with Reltek Ameba Board version 1.1.4. I have tried the Blink example but it does not compile:

exit status 1
'LED_BUILTIN' was not declared in this scope

Blink.c was changed in September 2016 and now requires LED_BUILTIN to be defined but it is not. Blink.c now says:

Most Arduinos have an on-board LED you can control. On the UNO, MEGA and ZERO
it is attached to digital pin 13, on MKR1000 on pin 6. LED_BUILTIN takes care
of use the correct LED pin whatever is the board used.

The compile error can be fixed by adding this line to Blink.c

const int LED_BUILTIN = 13;

However, should the Reltek Ameba board manager define LED_BUILTIN so the example just works?

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