I've just received my Ameba RTL8195 and was trying to set it up (Win 10). I followed all steps on installing MBED serial port, arduino software and set the additional board manager URLs according to instructions.

One thing I noticed after these steps was that the board started disconnecting from USB. Pressing the bottom left reset button seemed to fix the issue (the SD folder reappeared) but every 20 seconds or so it was disconnecting again. I reset the board, restarted the pc, reinstalled MBED serial port, used different USB cable, different USB port etc. etc. but nothing seemed to work as it was still disconnecting.

In order to try and test the board itself, in the 20 second window I had between disconnections I uploaded the sweep() function for a Servo motor (MG90) with the AmebaServo library. The program was successfully uploaded but the servo performed only a small move when I attached the +5V cable (which is what usually happens when no program runs on the board). I double-checked with another board (DUE) and their respective libraries and the servo movement worked as expected. It's just seems that the program doesn't get executed at all in the RTL8195.

I think that these two problems are connected and that is why I included them in the same post. Any help on these issues would be highly appreciated.

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