After exploring the Ameba RTL8195 board there would be a few bugs.

First, the analogWrite() function produces the PWM signal with a frequency of 50 (!) Hz. This is not enough for most applications where a PWM signal is used. All Arduino-compatible boards generates PWM with a frequency of about 500Hz.

Second, it is impossible to set the correct DC analog voltage on the DAC output by invoking analogWrite() function - the output voltage stays 1.65 V, regardless of what voltage you try to obtain.

Third, it is impossible to assign a static IP-address to the server by invoking the WiFi.config(). It is possible, however, to do a trick by reserving an IP-address on a DHCP server of a Wi-Fi router (if you have it), but what to do when your application should operate only with static IP-adresses?

Finally, provide,please, the contact information on your page. When I tried to login with my old account,

I got the following:

503: Service Temporarily Unavailable
Too many IP addresses accessing one secure area!
Please contact Support if you need assistance.

Where should I search Support - there is no contacts on your page. For that reason, I was forced to create a new account!



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