I would like to know how the final programming image is created for the RTL8195 Chip.

When looking at Arduino build logs I find a file called the 'ram_all.bin' being copied to the Mass-Storage emulated Mbed drive.

Which is available at:


Since I am using a Windows 7 Machine.

However it is not clear how the image is assembled.

The reason this question comes to mind is due to error in memory size consumption report when compiling.

After compiling any Arduino sketch we get the following (example):

Sketch uses 30,836 bytes (1%) of program storage space. Maximum is 2,499,639 bytes.

But when looking at the Actual compiled out 'ram_all.bin' it shows size as:

Size : 69.5 KB (71,224 bytes)

Size on Disk : 72.0 KB (73,728 bytes)

How is this possible.


Please guide me to the correct resource I need to refer to understand the underlying compilation mechanism or help me understand this discrepancy.

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