Dear Guys,

I am going to flash the RTL8195's MCU by the Segger J-Link. Segger J-Link has a 20-Pin connector but the RTL8195 has a 10-Pin connector. I don't have any adapter to convert 10-pin and 20-pin, so I looked for some information on the internet. I found something like this link http://www.amebaiot.com/en/ameba-sdk-getting-started/. But it didn't workout, and both the J-link GDB server and IAR can't find the MCU and in the debug message says that RESET pin is always high! I tried to connect the RTL8195 to the J-Link using the pin-out list on the button part of RTL8295's PCB and J-link manual, but still same situation!

I am pretty sure that my J-Link is functional because I can flash other devices!

Any of you guys can help me to figure out this issue and/or find a proper document showing the connection?



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