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Hey all,
So we have an RTL 8711AM from FNLink and our old FW was using the 3.5b SDK, frankly it was a mess so rewrote from scratch with the latest SDK and all working great until we went to try to OTA from the old to the new and we get an error about checksums (even though they appear to match) but also this custom_sig output, when we contacted our vendor they said it's not possible because the bootloader not being compatible between the SDKs so if we wanted to OTA it we need to port this new code into the old 3.5b SDK, is that right/that there is no way to OTA the ameba SDK??? I find that pretty hard to believe so just trying to confirm what's what here. The snippet below shows the error we're getting, I'm wondering if there's some kind of signature that must match between the two or something of that sort? I'm sure we can figure it out one way or another if we can confirm it's possible to begin with so if anyone has any experience with something similar/OTA'ing SDK's or any ideas would be much appreciated 🙂 Thanks!

[http_update_ota] Download new firmware 374020 bytes completed

[update_ota_checksum] read_custom_sig �f
flash checksum 0x 22dba08 attached checksum 0x 22dba08
[http_update_ota] The checksume is wrong!
Update task exit : ret = -1

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