How do i parse the hard fault log to find out what went wrong?


RTL8195A[HAL]: Hard Fault Error!!!!
RTL8195A[HAL]: R0 = 0x1
RTL8195A[HAL]: R1 = 0x6a5aa8cb
RTL8195A[HAL]: R2 = 0xd
RTL8195A[HAL]: R3 = 0x9
RTL8195A[HAL]: R12 = 0x1
RTL8195A[HAL]: LR = 0x1001aecb
RTL8195A[HAL]: PC = 0x181eb0e
RTL8195A[HAL]: PSR = 0x1000000
RTL8195A[HAL]: BFAR = 0x8
RTL8195A[HAL]: CFSR = 0x1000000
RTL8195A[HAL]: HFSR = 0x40000000
RTL8195A[HAL]: DFSR = 0x0
RTL8195A[HAL]: AFSR = 0x0
RTL8195A[HAL]: PriMask 0x0
RTL8195A[HAL]: BasePri 0x0
RTL8195A[HAL]: SVC priority: 0x00
RTL8195A[HAL]: PendSVC priority: 0xf0
RTL8195A[HAL]: Systick priority: 0xf0

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