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I have a Relatek ameba RTL8711AF board.

I am testing on sdk-ameba-v4.0a_without_NDA\project\realtek_ameba1_va0_example\..\

I upload firmware : DAP_FW_MBED_RTL8195AM_V1.bin.

But after I plug Realtek ameba RTL8711AF Board then I got a following error : 


ROM Version: 0.3

Build ToolChain Version: gcc version 4.8.3 (Realtek ASDK-4.8.3p1 Build 2003)

Check boot type form eFuse
SPI Initial
Image1 length: 0x3a18, Image Addr: 0x10000bc8
Image1 Validate OK, Going jump to Image1
RTL8195A[HAL]: Hard Fault Error!!!!
RTL8195A[HAL]: R0 = 0x1
RTL8195A[HAL]: R1 = 0x1
RTL8195A[HAL]: R2 = 0x100001
RTL8195A[HAL]: R3 = 0x100025e3
RTL8195A[HAL]: R12 = 0x1c
RTL8195A[HAL]: LR = 0x44c77
RTL8195A[HAL]: PC = 0x100025e2
RTL8195A[HAL]: PSR = 0x1000200
RTL8195A[HAL]: BFAR = 0x8
RTL8195A[HAL]: CFSR = 0x10000
RTL8195A[HAL]: HFSR = 0x40000000
RTL8195A[HAL]: DFSR = 0x0
RTL8195A[HAL]: AFSR = 0x0
RTL8195A[HAL]: PriMask 0x0
RTL8195A[HAL]: BasePri 0x0
RTL8195A[HAL]: SVC priority: 0x00
RTL8195A[HAL]: PendSVC priority: 0x00
RTL8195A[HAL]: Systick priority: 0x00 

And due to this "Hard fault Error",I can not access CMSIS-DAP in IAR workbench.

In IAR Workbench,"fatal error : failed to connect to CPU" get.

Same issue I asked in Stack exchange please refer below link :

Is OS crashed or not?

So,Please suggest me clear solution regarding this issue.
Thank you.

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