hi to all
i started with RTL8710 but some of AT commands did not work such as ATSV and etc..
i try to update firmware over ota
according to this link:
ofter upgrading to v2.2.1 with this file (RTL871xAF_AT_v2.2.1.bin_.zip)AT firmware v2.2.1 and rebooting the madule this error show to me on LOG_UART
and it's be unusable for me and i can't communicate with rtl8710 with serial port...and with UART2 does not work for me...
how can i solve this problem?is the way to program RTL8710 arm proccesor with jtag or swd???


after rebooting (Dissconnect an connect power supply)

the below text will be send to LOG_UART and AT commands  will not be exectued on LOG_UART  and UART2..and rtl8710 not response to this commands on any serial UART..



ROM Version: 0.3

Build ToolChain Version: gcc version 4.8.3 (Realtek ASDK-4.8.3p1 Build 2003)


Check boot type form eFuse

SPI Initial

Image1 length: 0x3704, Image Addr: 0x10000bc8

Image1 Validate OK, Going jump to Image1

===== Enter Image 1 ====

load NEW fw 1

Flash Image2:Addr 0x80000, Len 271248, Load to SRAM 0x10006000

No Image3

Img2 Sign: RTKWin, InfaStart @ 0x10006079

===== Enter Image 2 ====

#interface 1 is initialized
interface 0 is initialized

Initializing WIFI ...



WIFI initialized

init_thread(53), Available heap 0xc840

AT_UART_CONF: 38400,8,1,0,0

[UART Err]serial_init Err!

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