Serge Beaudet


Well I still have an issue on accessing my RTL8195 board with my Mac and I think i am not asking the right question.

I am trying to update the firmware and followed the instructions but something is wrong.

First,  I am not seing the volume /CRP\DISABLD as mentioned in the instructions. When I connect to my board a new volume appear and it is called /MBED.  I was able to copy the driver file into this volume but it gets me nowhere.  if I disconnect and reconnect the board, the file disappears.

Also, when I am trying to upload a sketch from the Arduino editor, that is what i get:

cp "/Users/SergeMAC/Library/Arduino15/packages/realtek/tools/ameba_tools/1.0.9/ram_all.bin" /Volumes/MBED/;sync
upload finish

it is uploading to the board, I see the communication lights flashing.

But it doesn't upload the sketch....

Can you help me please..


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