How do I access the multicolor LED on the RTL8710? I am finding the lack of any real information on this board very frustrating. The manual sounds like there are only 7 pins total that can be accessed via Arduino.

There are no examples of using platforms such as Blynk or Cayenne with the RTL8710 and the only thing that seems to come up in Google searches is how the 8710 is a ESP8266 killer, which as far as I am concerned it isn't because there is a lot more community support for the ESP8266 than the 8710.

Even the mbed functionality of the RTL8195 is bad. I can at least get basic mbed programs to run on the K64F and Nucleo boards. Test code won't even compile for the RTL8195.

I am becoming seriously frustrated with the Ameba hardware as it is not user friendly to Makers. Maybe there is much better support in Chineese...

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