HungLi Pan


  • Dev.board RTL8195 (RTL-AMEBA_DEV01_1V0)
  • Sdk Ameba V4.0b Without NDA GCC V1.0.0
  • WiFi AP, which support WPS
  • Tool for sending M-Search of SSDP: App "UPnP Sender/Receiver", avaiable for free on Google Play
  • UPnP implemenation: http://github.com/panhungli/upnp-trial
    • Enable flag: CONFIG_ENABLE_WPS
    • Modify igmp.c of lwip: for joing multicast group, UPnP will need it to get SSDP


  1. Initialize dev.board in WiFi AP mode with SSID: AMEBA1, and launch UPnP daemon.
  2. Input AT command "ATWW=pbc" to start WPS scan.
  3. Trigger WPS on WiFi AP.
  4. After WPS scan is finished, WiFi mode will be Standalone and IP is assigned by DHCP.  UPnP daemon is launched again.
  5. Use Tool to send M-Search, UPnP in dev.board can receive the request and send the response, but the response didn't come back to tool.


When setting WiFi with AT command "ATW0", "ATW1", Tool can receive the response from dev.board. But using WPS scan, this problem will occur. How can I solve this problem?

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