Dear Guys,

I have made an RTSP/RTP server on the RTL8195. For now after receiving PLAY command on the RTSP, I start transmitting the RTP packets on an UDP socket.

Since I need to send video and it needs a high throughput I am wondering how can I reach the maximum throughput with lowest latency.


Q1. Does this driver message RTL8195A[Driver] : skb_unavailable=n in last 2 seconds mean that how many packets exactly has been lost in last two seconds?

Q2. Is skb_unavailable because traffic on the router is high or many things can cause this issue in the communication between AP and Station?

Q3. For now I have set the packet size at 1448 and between each sendto() function I put a vTaskdelay(10) the rate of lost packets is not bad, but if I go lower delay values e.g. 4,5 or 6 ms to increase the throughput then the packet lost rate is high. Do you have any suggestion to send higher amount of data?


Thanks ~

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