Craig Finnegan

Hey guys,

We were provided "00007080 sdk-ameba1-v3.5b" SDK from one of our CM's a long while ago (for RTL8710/RTL8711), we're just trying to find a copy of the original SDK since the one we built off/have was modified, any ideas where we can find a copy of this original SDK? We're moving away from it but long story short we just need a copy of the original unmodified SDK -  if you guys have any ideas on where could find (google has failed us ha) would be a huge help!

A separate / smaller note is our code was based on top of a "ble_uart" example code that doesn't seem to be in the 3.4 or 4.0 SDK's - if anyone happens to be familiar with where that may have came from would help as well but the primary question is RE finding this original 3.5b SDK - thanks guys!

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