Industry Tech Days

It is the first time that Realtek takes part in Industry Tech Days which is held by EETech on All ABOUT CIRCUITS. The exhibition will be held for five days, from September 13 to 17, 2021. Welcome to sign up.

Azure Certified Device

Congratulations to the two main members of Ameba for passing the Azure certification, making our cloud connection capabilities even more perfect. For more information, please refer to Microsoft Azure.

RTL8722DM Bluetooth configuration makes your device connect to the Internet super Easy

The most annoying thing about buying a new device is how to connect it to the home network. Now start the Bluetooth configuration of RTL8722DM. With a few simple steps, you can get your device connected in a few minutes. Please refer to Example

Ameba ARDUINO starts to support RTL8722DM

The new member of Ameba ARDUINO RTL8722DM provides abundant functions. In addition to supporting dual-band Wi-Fi to avoid the crowded 2.4G. At the same time, it supports Bluetooth 5.0, which makes your application more diverse and solves the difficulty of Wi-Fi settings. Please refer to the Getting Started.

Congratulations! Ameba Z2 becomes one of AWS Partner Device

After the team's efforts, Ameba's new member Ameba Z2 has officially become AWS Partner Device. Welcome Amazon partners who have IoT application needs to use. Please refer to the AWS Partner Device Catalog and Getting Started.

Easily connect security and convenience with Ameba – v2.0.5

Still worrying about too many passwords? Biometrics is a common solution. Combine fingerprint recognition with Ameba to make your creative device safe and convenient. Start to do it by yourself! Example.

Audio Shield make audio application simple – v2.0.3

We introduce audio shield with Ameba to let Maker develop audio application. Based on Arduino easy-to-use feature, plug and play, and send audio to cloud by just one click. Take your first step to the smart audio! Example.

Ameba supports latest Google Cloud IoT release

Ameba is one of the development partners with latest Google Cloud IoT release, and Ameba continues to offer cloud solutions in IoT to let people focus on the realization of creativity. Realtek supports Cloud IoT application, please refer to Example.

Congratulate Ameba for becoming Arm Mbed enabled platform

With a lot of effort, Ameba has been certified by Arm and officially becomes Arm Mbed enabled platform. Welcome the Arm users to evaluate and adopt it, please refer to Arm Platforms.

Welcome Ameba ARDUINO new member RTL8710 – v2.0.0

Voice assistant is a popular topic recently. It gets rid of physical keyboard and touch screen. We can reach the goals via hands-free voice commands. Through the combination with cloud can control many devices in life. Let's make Ameba smart together to take a step forward to the smart home! See example.

Welcome Ameba ARDUINO new member RTL8710 – v2.0.0

On the anniversary of Ameba ARDUINO releasing, we realize that the only one choice of board can not meet all the Makers' requirements. Therefore, we prepare smaller board RTL8710 for everyone. The design feature is the mother-daughter board which can make your implementation lightweight and competitive without inconvenient development. Welcome to make use of it.

Care can be simple - V1.1.5

PM2.5 is the issue of concern from everyone and Facebook has already become part of people's daily lives. And we use the most instinctive way to care about the important issue by the combination of the two. Do you like it? Let's implement to send the concerned information to ourselves with Ameba now, see example.

Easy Upgrade - V1.1.4

Software updates are commonplace for developers, but sometimes it becomes time consuming and complicated due to the design of architecture. We are willing to solve the problem for everyone. Please update and use if required, see example.

Build voice control application with Ameba RTL8195

From iPhone Siri to Amazon ECHO, the popularity of voice assistants grows rapidly. With Amazon AWS IoT and Amazon Alexa, we can build our voice-control application with Ameba. Please refer to our Example.

Standard SDK is released - V3.4b3

Full-fledged Standard SDK is now released for download. In the Standard SDK, we provide support to cost-effective Ameba IC and connect to a number of cloud services easily. With the detailed control in all aspects, Standard SDK is your best choice. Please refer to Getting Started with RTL8195.

Ameba RTL8195 Quadcopter - V1.1.1

Quadcopter is a popular application of development boards. Try to build an Ameba quadcopter on your own and enjoy aviation! Please refer to our example.

Ameba RTL8195 Time-lapse Photography - V1.1.0

In the limited time in our everyday life, how to capture all the majestic scenery and beautiful things around us? Use Ameba to make a time-lapse photography and never miss a moment again. Please refer to our example.

Ameba RTL8195 with Solar Energy - V1.0.9

In the pursuit of the sustainable energy, solar energy is one of the widely-used sustainable energy source. In release 1.0.9, let's equip Ameba with lasting solar energy, build your application without worrying about the battery replacement. Please refer to our example.

>Sensor support - V1.0.8

The rapid revolution of sensors changes the human life style. With various applications, the sensors enrich our life and make our life more exciting. In release 1.0.8, let's build appications with sensors and experience the infinite possibilities in the IoT world. Please refer to our example.

Be your eyes - V1.0.7

As the drone takes your eyes to the sky, let Ameba be your eyes and extend your eyesight. Let's begin with some fun, please refer to example .

Fun Time! – V1.0.6

Remote control cars were our best friend in our childhood. In release 1.0.6, Ameba releases AmebaMotors Library, to help you to build a remote control car with ease, and without worrying about APP development. Please refer to our example.

Save energy & Save the Earth: Power Management – V1.0.5

To get rid of the electrical wiring and build environment-friendly applications, it is important that the power consumption is well-managed. In release 1.0.5, we introduce a number of power-saving mode of Ameba, and provide easy-to-use power management API. Please refer to our example.

Connecting to Cloud with ease – V1.0.4

Cloud support makes the data transfer go beyond limits and increases data accessibility. In release 1.0.4, you can connect Ameba to cloud, upload sensor data easily and access with our well-developed APP anytime. Please refer to our example for more detail.

The latest version 1.0.3 is released

In this era of cloud, local display is still indispensable in our daily life. Therefore, the TFT LCD is regarded as an essential component on Ameba. With TFT LCD support, we extend the PM2.5 example in the previous version. Please refer to our example for more detail.

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